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From the bushland of the Serengeti you can then travel to paradise Zanzibar Islands and enjoy the sun and white sand of the West African coast.

There are also cultural tours of the area also available while in Zanzibar as well as a wide variety of water sports.

The best beaches are located on the east shores of Zanzibar.

Scuba diving is excellent especially on Zanzibar North East and Pemba Island.

Our Zanzibar Review

We stayed 3 relaxing days in Zanzibar.

Day 1

Today we are flying to Zanzibar Island with Precision Air. The short flight lands near georgetown and we immediately head for thhe east coast for a few days or relaxation.

The east coast is beautiful with its palm trees, azure water and infinite white sandy beaches. It’s a true beach paradise.

Day 2

Today we’re going to the south east part of Zanzibar, famous for its swim and snorkel with wild dolphins.

The best time to go in in the morning when thee dolphins are swimming slowly north. In the afternoon, they head south but are much quicker and difficult to follow.

We walk to a boat out of the reef and low tide zone. The captain then heads for the dolphins, it’s a search and seek mission but after 15 minutes we find a group and it’s time to jump in the water with our snorkeling gears.
The dolphins stopped for a few seconds and turned around me. That was an amazing experience to see them look at you in the eyes and interact. Unfortunatly they swam away and were gone too quickly.

The Ndame sea front bungalows are perfect to enjoy is more quiet part of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Maps

Pemba map

Map of Zanzibar and Pemba. Click to open in a larger window.