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Pemba Island

Today I am flying from Zanzibar to Pemba with Coastal Airways. My goal is to go diving Pemba and see some big fishes and sharks.

There are only 3 dive operators on pemba: one in the south and two in the north. They are run by expensive resorts who prefer to keep all the diving fun for their guests.

I am going snorkeling and hiking on Mesali island. Going by traditional sailing boat with a white sail is a lot of fun. The coral island is beautiful and the snorkeling is fun. I ask a couple of divers and they told me that the diving is not so great here, not much to see… I suppose the best is on the other parts of the island, where the sharks and big fishes are.

I stayed on green Pemba until the end of the ramadan and the apparition of the new moon.

The people there are friendly traditional muslim and I got invited to eat and drink on the porch of a small house made of mortar.

The fresh fishes served at the guesthouse were delicious.

Map of Pemba Island Dive Sites