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Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most famous National Parks and Game reserve in the World.

Your safari could then move onto Ngorongoro Crater where your private guide will drive your party down into the crater proper for a game drive that can include the Big 5 and more.

You will stay at one of the lodges on the rim of the crater and have you dinner in one of the traditional bomas – an outdoor, enclosed meal area that is actually located in the bush.

Our Ngonrogoro Personal Review

We spent half a day in the Ngonrogoro Crater guided by Bush to Beach Tanzania.

We drive near Lake Manyara National Park famous for its flamingos, hippos and climbing lions (note that the lake is almost dry in this season - September).

We arrive at camp Simba overlooking the the Ngonrongoro crater. There are much more tourists here than in Arusha NP.

The sunset and cloud over the crater creates a magical moment.

The next morning, we wake up before dawn and head down the crater. We are some of the first to get in the crater that morning. We immediately head for a place where there was a lion kill the previous night. Two lions walk very close to our jeep and stop to rest a few minutes in the shade of the proceeding jeep.

With binoculars we can see the site of the kill, also it’s still a couple of hundreds meters away.

We continue the exploration of the crater. Part of it is burnet, this is a standard procedure, probably to help the growth of the vegetation. It’s the dry season and most of the crater is covered with short yellow grass. One part has a pool full of hippos including a baby hippo.

Our guide spots a Rhino with binoculars but it’s a tiny point a kilometer away Other tourist will be much more lucky and will see rhinos very close. The policy is not to drive outside the road, this to protect the wildlife. On the other site, it can be frustrating, especially of photography is the goal of the safari.

We get close to some nice birds including secretaries, austriches, crown birds.

There are a lot of wildebeasts, it looks like a migration.

We also see a cheetah head. It’s lying low in the grass, probably waiting for a chance to hunt a nearby zebras.

The Ngonrogoro crater boost a spectacular concentration of rare animals and is definetly a must for African safari goers. It’s diameter is 26 km and host tens of thousands of wild animals.

Ngorongoro Crater Map

Ngorongoro Map