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The 3 hour flight from Dar Es Saleem to Kigoma with Precision Air was convenient.

The good thing is that they have bigger aircrafts than all other airlines so the flight is much more smooth and enjoyable for about the same price.

Arriving in Kigoma, we were greeted by a french guy running his own local NGO and trying to help the locals understand about tourism. We had a 6$ ride from the airport to town (this is about a day salary for a local taxi driver).

Kigoma is a third world town built around the main road among hilly landscape with lake Tanganika at its feet.

A couple of restaurants serve relatively clean and local food made of some fish from the lake, rice or potato. Food here is a a bit nicer than in Kigoma but the menu choice is quite limited…

Few tourists ever come to Kigoma town here and most stay at the overpriced Hilltop hotel.

We stayed on a hill with beautiful views of the lake. The room was big but not that clean with fancy armchairs and bed covers. A bit dusty. The last tourist who came there were italian backpackers a month ago according to the goldbook.