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Arusha National Park

While you are in Arusha, make sure you visit Arusha National Park, Mt. Meru or the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

These locations could be included in your safari depending on the one you choose when you make your reservations.

Try to reserve your spot in an all inclusive packages as this will save you money on food.

And make sure you bring your camera with long telephoto lenses.

Our Personal Experience

We spent 3 days in Arusha National Park with Bush 2 Beach Safaris.

Day 1

Today we are going on a 2 day semi-luxe safari with Arusha based Bush to Beach to Arusha National Park.

As soon as we enter the park, we see a big bird about 20m from our jeep.

It’s getting dark and the sky looks amazing with spectacular views of mount Meru.

We arrive at our semi luxe campsite near a small lake full of small frogs and birds.

There is nobody else than us and it feels very special to be alone in Africa.

B2B provided us with 2 jeeps and an english guide which is also our driver, a great cook: Abdullah and 2 other staff taking care of making our stay a really special and luxury experience. We even have beds in our tent.

The food is served in a large mosquito net tent and is absolutely delicious. This is the first time in Africa that we have so nice food. We ask our cook and he indeed is a fully trained cook with a lot of experience.

Over the next few days we’ll be amazed at the variety of cuisine and dishes provided. Every day is different. We are served delicious soups and it’s never the same ingredients and recipe. We also had pizzas, quiches, French fries, samosa, Spanish omelets, naans, chapattis, chickeni, soupou, fishi (that the Swahili way of saying those words and it’s a lot of fun to listen to our cook describing the day’s menu).

Day 2

This morning we are kayaking one of the lakes of Arusha national park.

We saw a green mamba snake hanging from the branches of a tree. There were a few birds and ducks, also a bit shy. Hippos were far away. All the wildlife was sparse, it was a fun and relaxing experience with a guide doing the paddling work in the back of the kayak. These lakes are salty, thus the lake of wildlife is not that abundant.

Our next activity is the jeep safari. This takes us to see giraffes with babies in the distance, and more birds such as beautiful bee-eaters.

After a good lunch prepared by our wonderful cook, next is the visit of Arusha zoo. On the way we see Black and White Colobus monkey only 8 meters away on a tree. The zoo have hundreds of cages with chameleons of various sizes and shapes (also not tri-horns chameleons living on Mt Meru) along with various snakes and turtles. It’s fun looking at the camouflage ability of chameleons.

The roads of the Arusha National Park cut through green forest with beautiful and strangely shaped trees.

Back to our campsite, we enjoy the serenity of Africa’s wilderness and again delicious food prepared by our cook.

Day 3

This morning we head for the walking safari. Our guide is armed and we are looking for the black and white colobus monkeys.

On the way, we get close to beautiful giraffes, and large buffaloes covered with birds.

We could only spot the Black and White Colobus Monkeys very far in the distance high on a forest covered hill. So we head back to the jeep for continuing our journey to Ngorongoro Crater.

On the way out of Arusha NP, we have a nice surprise and photograph Blue monkeys very close.

Staying in the jeep allows us to get close to the animals as they are afraid of people on foot but not of jeeps.

This National park is only half an hour drive from Arusha but is very green even in the dry season and not overcrowded which makes it a must to visit to see a lot of animals and birds.

Arusha Lake

Back in Arusha town, we go kayaking on a lake near Arusha famous for its birds and wildlife (lizards…) especially a beautiful blue, red and yellow kingfisher.

In the afternoon we have delicious lunch at a boutique park and resort hosting a small lake and a forest with black and white colobus monkeys. Our Masai guide in traditional robe and with a masai stick takes us to view the monkeys which likes to stay on tree tops.

Arusha National Park Maps

Arusha Safari Map

Arusha Town Map (Click to zoom)

Map of Arusha town

Kilimanjaro Map (Click to zoom)

Map of Mt Kilimanjaro